Free Contour Lisp Routine and Other Stuff

Contour Lisp Routine

  This routine creates 3D contour lines from 3D points.  
  It was written for Autocad 2000, so there's no  
guarantee it will work in newer versions. It seems
to work with no problem in Bricscad. ( hint, hint ).
Click here for free trial -->Bricscad<--

National Map Point Selection

This program writes comma separated (.csv)
xyz point files from selected portions of 1 degree
    National Elevation Database float files (.flt/.hdr).  

If you still have DEM files, see below.

Line Traverse & Curve Data

  These lisp routines draw a traverse based on  
  bearing, distance and curve input.  You can annotate  
  lines, insert curve data and insert area  
quantities by picking any closed area.

DEM Point Selection

This program writes a comma(.csv) or space(.txt)
separated xyz point file from all or any selected points
  in dem files created with the "sdts2dem.exe" program.  
( DOS or Windows version.)

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