Free Contour Lisp Routine

  This routine creates 3D contour lines from 3D points.  
  It was written for Autocad 2000, so there's no  
guarantee it will work for you.

Update: Added new BricsCad version.

DEM Point Selection

This program writes a comma(.csv) or space(.txt)
separated xyz point file from all or any selected points
  in dem files created with the "sdts2dem.exe" program.  
( DOS or Windows version.)

Free DEM Data (sdts format)

Geocommunity DEM download. ( requires registration )

Mapmart DEM download site. ( requires registration. )
(This site has an easy way to find USGS quad file names)

(Sdts2dem.exe) - Needed to convert SDTS to DEM format.

More Downloads

Idaho GIS data

Montana GIS data

Wyoming Topo's

CSV Point Selection

  This is similar to the dem selction program, but reads  
3 field (x,y,z) or 5 field (p,x,y,z,d) comma separated
point files. You can swap XY fields and convert values.

Visualization Page

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