Free Contour Lisp Routine

  This routine creates 3D contour lines from 3D points.  
  It was written for Autocad 2000, so there's no  
guarantee it will work for you.

DEM Point Selection

This program writes a comma(.csv) or space(.txt)
separated xyz point file from all or any selected points
  in dem files created with the "sdts2dem.exe" program.  
( DOS or Windows version.)

Free DEM Data (sdts format)

Geocommunity DEM download. ( requires registration )

Mapmart DEM download site. ( requires registration. )
(This site has an easy way to find USGS quad file names)

(Sdts2dem.exe) - Needed to convert SDTS to DEM format.

More Downloads

Idaho GIS data

Montana GIS data

Wyoming Topo's

CSV Point Selection

  This is similar to the dem selction program, but reads  
3 field (x,y,z) or 5 field (p,x,y,z,d) comma separated
point files. You can swap XY fields and convert values.

Visualization Page

Dlg Viewer

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