Latest Update Feb. 10, 2019.

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Contour Lisp Routines                 Misc. Lisp Routines
---------------------                 -------------------
Command: (load"ctl_c1")               Command: (load"ctl_m1")

Command: CTL                          Command: CTM

CTL Command Options                   CTM Command Options
-----------------------------         -----------------------
1. Read/Write CSV Point File.         1. Overlay Point Grid.
2. Draw Triangulated Surface.         2. Quantity from Surface.
3. Draw Contour Lines <0.2 min>.      3. Replace Individual Points.
4. Color Contours/Objects.            4. Create 3-D Mesh.
5. Annotate Contours.                 5. Draw 2-D Survey Lines.
6. Cross Sections from Contours.      6. Annotate Survey Lines.
7. Insert Area Quantities.            7. Insert Curve Data.
8. Swap Triangle Pairs.               8. Insert Area Quantities.

See CTL Notes                         See CTM Notes

Surface      Contours     3dMesh

Color Scale      Major/Minor      Rainbow


Latest version  2-10-19  ( See Lisp Notes Above.)

(Right click and "Save Target As" to download)
Autocad Ver. ----- CTL_C1.ZIP (67Kb)
BricsCad Ver. ---- CTL_B1.ZIP (97Kb)
Included Files:
Compiled lisp (Autocad) ----> ctl_c1.fas & ctl_m1.fas.
Compiled lisp (BricsCad) ---> ctl_c1.des & ctl_m1.des.
Ctl_9d.exe ---> Creates 3d face points. (77824 bytes).

( unzip to /support directory )


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